!!! quote "What is TradeFinex Platform?" TradeFinex is a global platform for peer to peer trade and financing. The primary objective of XinFin is to minimize global infrastructure deficit by enabling peer to peer financing between Governments, corporations, buyers and suppliers to make efficient use of capital and deploy projects without burdening the Government Treasury. TradeFinex platform will help buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, give suppliers visibility on global tenders & customer base and finally it gives financiers real time visibility on their investments using digitization and IoT integration of their assets. We will be rolling out TradeFinex platform that enables buyers, sellers and financiers around the globe to trade and finance projects that banking institutions are unable to take up. This applies specifically to critical public infrastructure projects that the Government needs to undertake for economic wellbeing of the citizens.

!!! quote "XinFin's TradeFinex platform supports which blockchain?" TradeFinex is built on Ethereum's ERC 20 token creation conventions smart contract which facilitates crowd sale and related smart contracts execution on its networks.

!!! quote "How will I be assured that my contract is secure?" Our contracts have been audited by a reputed smart contract auditing firm. Our contract came out with no vulnerabilities.

!!! quote "How to know if a smart contract is a good fit for your use case?" To find out if a smart contract is a good fit for your business, reach out to us! We'll be happy to answer your all questions and help you guide through the process.

!!! quote "How to communicate with other parties on TradeFinex?" TradeFinex comes with one-of-its-kind messaging board that is user-friendly, effective, and prompt. The participants can use this messaging feature to chat with each other. Participants can exchange files, drawings, documents, and other information on real-time basis with other parties. The participants are required to select the project they are interested in. After selecting the project, the participant can initiate chat with other parties by clicking on the "Send Message" button. Participants can exchange messages pertaining to techno-commercial details to deal with the other parties. Contact information of the registered users will be visible to other registered users. They can reach out to each other on their phone numbers and email ids stated in the contact information.

!!! quote "Will TradeFinex allow for XDC purchase?" TradeFinex is a market place for peer to peer cross border trade and finance. Tokens cannot be purchased on TradeFinex. XDC tokens can be purchased on the listed exchanges.

!!! quote "When can I expect the full TradeFinex site to roll out?" The Alpha version of TradeFinex is currently under testing and will be migrated to live environment soon.

!!! quote "Does IoT integration layer work on TradeFinex?" The XDC protocol has Resource Manager and Oracle Services built in to it. IoT devices can connect securely to the resource manager and very tightly controlled oracle services can verify information related to the IoT service. This data is available to the smart contract to execute set of predefined conditions.

!!! quote "What is the process to advertise with TradeFinex?" The interested individual/company/institution/ community or Government is required to click on the "Advertise With Us" button in the Footer of TradeFinex site. The interested candidate is required to fill in their details in the given form and submit it using "Submit message" button. TradeFinex team will reach out to the interested candidate either via phone or email within 24 hours. Please note, due to growing queries and proposals, it might take anywhere between 48 to 72 hours to reply.

!!! quote "How to enable/disable notifications?" The participants can enable/disable notifications by clicking on the "Settings" button on Dashboard. The participants can Show/Hide other parties' Notification Visibility, Published Project Visibility, Project Expiration Visibility and Posted New Project Visibility by clicking on "Yes" and "No" boxes in the drop down menu. However, the participants are required to be logged in as a Beneficiary, Supplier and Financier to enable/disable notifications.