The first blockchain-powered platform that simplifies and streamlines the entire corporate bond lifecycle

Smart Bond Overview

Bond Smart contract is real life bond creation and exchange platform based on Xinfin network. That features KYC/AML inbuild and all the standard features such as organization as well as individual profile creation, bond creation with various types, etc.


How it Works

Create Bond

To create a bond type in bond details like Bond Name, Ticker Symbol, Type of Bond, Number of Decimals allowed and Token Supply. If you have a coupon, type in coupon details like Minimum Contribution, Face Value, Coupon, Tenure, Discounted Value.

Click on Create Bond tab.

As soon as you click on Create Bond tab, a smart contract will be created after retrieving all the bond data from the blockchain. The retrieved bond data will have specifics like Order Timestamp, Trader Index, Bond Unique Identification Number, Bond Type, Bond Quantity, and Order Status. The retrieved data will also contain bonds settlement date or the date on which the coupon was purchased.


Deploy Bond

Now, click on the Deploy tab. A pop will appear saying Contract Deployment in progress. Click Ok.

The bond is sent to XinFin Testnet for deployment automatically. As soon as the contract is deployed, the contract will generate a unique address similar to ISIN, CUSIP (Its like your unique identity on XinFin Hybrid Blockchain).



The generated unique address can be used as Identity for smart bond. You can use it for identification purposes and viewing quotes.