!!! quote "How is TradeFinex platform different from others?" TradeFinex is a global platform that connects global beneficiaries, suppliers and financiers for trade, finance and real time settlement. TradeFinex platform has the capability to create legally binding digital smart contracts between participants over Blockchain. The platform simplifies the process in trade and financing, thereby making it more efficient. The platform also has capability to carry out real time cross border payments and settlements using a globally accepted token (XDC). The platform incentivizes participants in form of XDC tokens to carry out commerce using TradeFinex platform.

!!! quote "How TradeFinex helps in cross border trade and financing?" The use of XinFin's XDC fueled tokenization scheme, permits trade and financing to be truly global in nature eliminating the funding gap owing to disparate currencies spread across the world. Moreover, investors in developed countries are averse to financing underdeveloped countries due to high currency depreciation risk, but with XinFin's common world token it makes it easier for them to lend money providing more stability and confidence to any cross border investment or debt.

!!! quote "What are the benefits of advertising with TradeFinex?" TradeFinex gives buyers, suppliers and financiers a first-mover advantage by putting their message to the right consumers. When you place your brand in front of our audience, it's sure to be well received. By advertising on our platform, buyers get endless opportunities to secure capital at globally competitive rates, suppliers get enhanced visibility on global tenders and customer base and financiers receive real time visibility on their investments. TradeFinex ensures your brand receives increased number of clicks, hence allowing you to reach wider audience, otherwise unreachable. Advertising with TradeFinex helps you expand horizons by not only finding new markets but by also reaching out to right consumers.